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Professional Plumbing Installation & Repair throughout Bellflower, Long Beach and the surrounding area.


Residential Plumbing

If you need a plumber in Bellflower, look no further than All In 1 Plumbing. We offer premium plumbing services such as: repiping, water heater repair, rooting, leak detection and pipe repair in the greater Los Angeles county.

Commercial Plumbing

When there is a problem in your businesses bathrooms, and you need a commercial plumber, make sure to call All In 1 Plumbing. We offer the best commercial plumbing services with the maximum discretion for your business.


Repiping is one of the best ways to economize your household or business establishment. Repiping can offer faster water service, hotter water for longer and less water waste overall, which saves you money and helps the environment.

Water Heaters

We offer complete service for water heaters. Whether you have a conventional, tankless or recirculating water heater we can repair, replace or maintain all models. We are experienced enough to have performed all manner of water heater repair in Los Angeles.

Root Removal

It’s only natural for tree roots to search for water. The most common reason for leaks and waterline damage is tree roots breaking in. We offer full root removal and pipeline repair services.

Leak Detection

Few services are more important than preventative ones. Don’t wait for your pipe to break if you suspect there is a leak. We offer leak detection services and can patch or repair problems much easier than repairing whole feet of pipes.



Emergency Service

We offer speedy and efficient services in times of emergency. When you need a plumber for emergencies. We can be there quickly and act discreetly to remedy whatever problem may be plaguing your establishment.


Licensed & Insured

All of our plumbers are licensed by the state, and all of our workers are fully insured. We believe in being the best business means having the best employees and our staff are the best in the business.


Available 24/7

We are one of the few plumbing services in Bellflower California that are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We know that these problems can arise at any time, day or night, so we are here and ready to help.


Trusted & Recommended

We have been in service since 1997. Nearly 20 years of service and pages of great customer reviews speaks for itself. We are the best plumbing service in Los Angeles and are ready to prove it. Call us at (800) 964-3886 today!


All in 1 plumbing is a very great company had Frank come out very professional and courteous. Thought it was for something simple and low and behold bigger than I thought. Just for clogged sink and piping.He was very efficient and quick to give me the run down and the price was very acceptable. Happy for the price and job well done. I will be calling him again for more work. I really recommend this company and Frank is the man. Thank you so much.

Rissa M.

Frank is the man, got a plumbing problem in my house just this morning called All in 1 Plumbing around 8:AM Frank the owner surprise me in my house, I’ve known this guy for over 15 years done a lot of plumbing services to all my family & friends never failed us always done a fully satisfaction job with great & very reasonable price.I would like to give All in 1 Plumbing of course Mr Frank the owner a WHATTA BOY’ applause for doing such a wonderful job!!!

Jb F.

After Three days, 2 different people, renting a snake and not gaining any progress . . Frank Fuentes became our Plumber “Hero” My friend recently used him to replace her water heater and loved his service and so did we. He simply told us what the prob. was and what the cost would be which was a great price. He handled It very quickly and professional! Loved his humbleness . I will definitely refer him to anyone
that needs a plumber!

Lauri N.