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Sewage and Drain repair are some of the most loathed jobs to the average consumer. But for us at All in 1 Plumbing, we consider it to be our pride and joy! Our technicians are expertly trained in the art of rooting, repair and removal. We offer premium services with competitive prices at astounding speeds. We offer the following services:

Drain Repair

drain01Drain repair and drain repiping are some of the most requested services from our business. We pride ourselves in our experience and ability to be experts at the process. If you anything is stopping your drain, backing up your drain, you need a part replaced or repaired, we are the people to call and our speedy service is some of the best in California.

Drain Repair Gone are the days of the snake and plunger. While the fundamentals are still here, there are tons of tools and expert tricks to make the process much easier. If you have a clogged drain, let the experts handle it. We are able to clear out any drain and repair any part of the broken area faster than you can call us! Drain Repiping Wear and tear is a normal part of having drains. Luckily for you, we offer complete repiping services. We can find where the leak is stemming from, remove the affected area and replace it with premium copper, pex piping you name it. Whatever pipes your house has, we can service!

Sewer Services

Sewer Stoppage If you suspect a sewer drain clog, it is very important that you suspend the use of your plumbing immediately. Adding more pressure and contents to a sewage clog can only exasperate the problem. We offer a complete sewer stoppage service. Using our tools we can clear any sewage from baby wipes to bananas.


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