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Drain Repiping Services

Drain repiping is one of the banes of many homeowners lives. When appraising a home, it is one of the first things people look for to assess value. If you are in a home that happens to have a great plumbing system with strong materials that won’t go in the next thirty years, you are set.

However, for most people owning a home, drain repiping is a common and costly necessity for your home. If you ignore the signs of imminent drain breakage, you could risk flooding your home, backing up your sewer lines, and more. If you see any of the following signs, make sure to call us immediately for our services.

Symptoms of Drain Repiping

Look at the Pipes – Find any exposed piping in your home and regularly inspect them. If you can attain all of the information about your home, make sure to see how long it is been built and what kind of piping has been used for the plumbing. Copper, Steel, and other metals are usually cleared for over 60+ years, but an inspection can take a few minutes of your time and save you a lot of potential headaches.


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Drain RepipingLook at the Water – If you get the chance to stay out of your house for a while or not use a sink for a few days, take it. One of the best ways to inspect the water in your home is to let it sit in the pipes for a few days and let it pick up any corrosion or rust that could be inside the pipes. If you pour the water and it is any color other than clear, you should have a plumber thoroughly inspect your pipes.

Look at your Walls – One of the easiest ways to see if there is a problem with your pipes is to see if there’s any water damage or leaking occurring anywhere. If you see any and it is fresh or damp, you need to call a plumber immediately to take care of the problem.

Repiping Materials

The three most common repiping materials are copper, PVC, and PEX.

    Copper – Durable, High PSI, lightweight, Expensive, weak against acidic water.

    PVC – Lightweight, flexible, watertight, smoother against friction and safe.

    PEX – Durable, inexpensive, not as strong against high PSI.

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